Email Marketing? No it is so much more!

We help your business create and implement exceptional experiences for your customers. NOT just Email Marketing, We specialize in branding your company to create top of mind awareness and the best part is we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our data sync will pull in your sales, our writing staff can create unique content, and our powerful scheduling engine will execute your email marketing campaign.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

Our design staff have created stunning emails and print materials. We are constantly researching the most effective designs to help boost your bottom line.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Let our professional marketing team build a powerful email marketing campaign for your company today. Our industry leading scheduling system gets the right email to the right customer at the right time, and the best part is without any coding or design work on your part.

Lead Capture – Data Transfer

Lead Capture – Data Transfer

With our effective lead capture engine and data transfer system, you will find it easy to grow your customer base with no additional work from your staff.

Interested in our Manged or Customized business email marketing solutions?

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Our team

Time to meet our team of technology and business professionals. Let us help your business reach it’s potential.

Gregory Incardona

Director of New Business
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Direct (724) 300-1534 Ext 102

Michael J Vernon

Director of Accounts
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Direct (724) 300-1534 Ext 101

Tim Garver

Director of Programing and Design
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Direct (724) 300-1534 Ext 103

Lisbeth Calandrino

Director of Marketing Strategist
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Direct (724) 300-1534 Ext 104

  • Michael D

  • Pattie R

  • Walt R

  • Donna P

  • Christopher I

  • Jo V

  • Johathan F

  • "The Follow Your Customer system has not only doubled my applications, but the quality of the application is much better because of the borrower's familiarity with me and my company."Michael D

  • "50 Responses from my first email and two loans already in process! Thanks"Pattie R

  • "I use the self-serve email to contact the parents of my daughter's swim team. I am the president of the organization, and surprisingly, by using the Follow Your Customer system, the other parents discovered what I did for a living."Walt R

  • "I'm a realtor. When I got started with the Follow Your Customer system I was able to get all my customers uploaded and start an email program within only a few days. I didn't even really need any training because the self-help buttons gave me all the information I needed."Donna P

  • "This is way too easy to use. Over 12,000 customers and up and running in only a few days."Christopher I

  • "The deals from annual mortgage review along with the DO IT YOURSELF emails have been my entire pipeline. Without this system I may have had to close my doors like so many other brokers, but thanks to Follow Your Customer I will continue to thrive in this business. The recipe cards have been my personal favorite. One of my past customers liked it so much she copied it for all her coworkers and passed them out at work. This ended up giving me 4 additional loans that month!"

  • "2007 was my best year yet! And in a down market? I can't say for sure that it's all been because of Follow Your Customer, but I have been using it regularly for post cards and I have seen my business increase. I can't wait for 2008."Johathan F

Some of our Clients and Business Partnerships

We work close with our clients email marketing projects to provide a unique and personal customer experience as well as Top of Mind awareness.

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