Prospect Awareness – Do they remember you?

So what is Prospect Awareness?

There are only a handful of business books that I constantly refer back to.
One of them is Jay Abraham’s classic book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.
In it, he talks about the power of staying in front of your most important, high-value prospective clients. Prospect Awareness is net yet apparent but it will be, read on.

Here’s a passage that sums up this marketing strategy perfectly: “The best way to continuously generate business is to keep constantly in the mind and awareness of your prospects and clients. If you think about the interests and needs and well-being of them, at a higher and more continuous level than anybody else, you’re going to be constantly on top of their awareness. So when the opportunity presents itself, these people are automatically predisposed to remembering YOU.”

Greg IncardonaProspect Awareness – Do they remember you?
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