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FAQ's from real customers

Below are a list of recent frequently asked questions from our most recent shows in Vegas..

You can send emails for free, up to six times per group, per month. For example, you can send an email every five days to all your customers. If you have 100 customers, that’s equal to emailing 600 messages in a month. For 10,000 customers, it’s 60,000 emails. You can customize the frequency, segmentation, and type of campaign that you think will appeal best to your customers.

Every piece of correspondence includes your picture (optional), logo and contact information in a very visible area of the piece. If you would like to see some samples of our professionally designed marketing pieces, please visit our automated marketing system sample page.

With the Follow Your Customer system all your marketing is specifically designed to focus on market segments. You can run customer campaigns to gain their trust and make them customers for life. Professional contacts, on the other hand, will receive a different campaign to encourage them to send referrals your way. Follow Your Customer will automatically handle a variety of campaigns focused on a wide range of markets, and all you do is sit back and let it happen.

Once you decide to sign up for a subscription to the Follow Your Customer system, you will receive an email verifying that we are processing your request.  Then...

  • Customer support contacts you by phone within 24 hours.
  • Our technicians gather customer data that you choose from your system.
  • Your account is set up.
  • You get a one-on-one overview of the system functionality.
  • Your customer data is scrubbed and uploaded to your account.
  • A corporate trainer sets up your personalized training session.
  • System training is done online at a time convenient to you and your staff.
  • Training includes sales techniques to make your selling profitable.
  • After 30 days, we will review your activity and follow up with a call.
  • Quarterly group training is available online.
  • Free tech support is available during business hours.

Imagine the Follow Your Customer system as “bookends” around the time when your customer actually does business with you. Once you enter a potential customer into the system, your campaign to win their trust begins immediately. Through ongoing, friendly contact, you slowly form a lasting bond with them. Once you close a transaction with your customer, the relationship is far from over. As a matter of fact, it’s just beginning… Again.

You will continue to stay in touch with your customer, becoming the trusted source. The trust you continue to build will give your customer the confidence to return in the future, plus refer their friends and family to you. Building these strong relationships will enable the Follow Your Customer system to build upon itself and help grow your customer base exponentially.

Actually, Follow Your Customer is probably one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use systems of its kind available anywhere. We will work closely with you on the setup and training, plus give you unlimited technical support. But guess what… You probably won’t even need it. If you know how to click a mouse and enter basic information on a keyboard, you are good to go!

Absolutely!  With the Follow Your Customer system you will find a full-featured software package with an incredibly simple interface.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Turn Key Operation
  • Intuitive User Interface
    • Schedule One-Time Emails
    • Recurring Email Campaigns
    • Manage DIY Emails
    • Email History
    • Opt Out administration
    • Thank-You Cards
    • Referral Post Cards
    • Postcards in 14 different themes
    • Annual Review
    • Holiday Cards
    • Birthday Cards
    • Wedding Anniversary Cards
    • Adjustable Rate Reminders
    • 30 Day Follow Up
    • Quarterly Follow Up
    • Semi-Annual Follow Up
    • Annual Review
    • Birthday Phone Call List
  • Employee Information Segment Includes:
    • Add a New Representative
    • View your Existing Representatives
    • Add a New Processor / Assistant
    • View your Existing Processors / Assistants
    • Re-assign Customers to Other Representatives
  • Import Customer Information Segment Includes:
    • Manual Input of customer data
    • Upload From Loan Origination Software
      • Customer database upload included free with initial setup
      • Direct integration with Calyx Point Software
      • Compatible with any software using Fannie Mae 3.2 format
  • Data Management Segment Includes:
    • Interest Rate Search Page that filters on customers' current loan rates
    • Customer Data Maintenance Page to update customer records

Most CRM software does not make it easy to build a trusting relationship with your customer. There may be a feature that automatically emails a birthday greeting or reminds you to call a customer on their anniversary, but that’s about it. The Follow Your Customer system allows you to send professional, personalized and consistent messages (without a sales pitch) to your targeted audience with absolutely no hassle, and hardly any work!

At Follow Your Customer, you won’t find any hidden costs. During setup, we do the gathering, compiling, and “cleaning up” of your current customer data. Most companies charge extra for that service. Plus we give you personalized training to get you up and running. After that, you will be billed a monthly fee based on the licenses that you have. It is a flat fee and it will never change. Plus processor accounts are always free.

There are no “add-on” modules or customization’s that drive up the price. You get everything you need for one, low price. If enhancements or upgrades are made to the program, you get those for free also. We offer a money-back guarantee and will do everything within our power to make sure you are satisfied.

You should understand that optional mailing campaigns have the cost of printing and postage to consider. We know you will be pleased with the quality and value of the mail pieces. However, if you prefer to find your own printer and mail the pieces yourself, you can download any of our quality mail pieces for FREE with your active account.

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