Automatic Data Capture & Synchronization

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Data synchronization enables you to share standard customer and product information with our State of the art Customer Retention and follow up system. This ongoing electronic exchange of information eliminates manual processes. It provides the tools you need to share information automatically, and, ultimately, greatly increases your companies CRM system with no duplicate entries.

Automatic Customer Data Capture

Wouldn’t be great if you made a sale and then like magic that customer is added to a marketing campaign?
That is exactly what our data sync service does.

  • Seamless Transfer of Data

    There is no need for double data entry. With our proprietary “data sync” we can communicate with your current data base.

  • Mobile Data Collection

    With our custom data collection, you can gather your contacts from cell phones, tablets or personal computers were you are when you meet the new prospects.

  • Immediate confirmation

    Automatically get your information to your new prospects immediately!

Why use Automatic Data Capture?

Customers expect a real-time, cohesive experience across all engagement channels and devices. This requires that their identity and preference data is up-to-date in real-time, all the time. Data Capture provides the connective tissue to aggregate and sync the sales data that powers your customer engagement strategies.

You also save time by not having to manually export sales data and then import it into your E-Mail Marketing Management Systems. This tool does all the heavy lifting for you. You can even define the parameters of a sale so the data capture only picks out the sales that meet your criteria

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