Lisbeth Calandrino

From managing a fruit stand at the age of 9 to consulting with Fortuning 500 companies throughout her adult career; Lisbeth Calandrino has always been focused on helping businesses get smarter, wiser and more profitable. Her academic background includes a degree in Physical Education/Psychology, and Masters studies in Organizational Psychology. Before going into the retail business, she was an Associate Professor at Columbia-Green College and organizational consultant with the state of New York.

Lisbeth has an extensive business background. She was part of team that developed a 7 store chain of furniture and carpet stores which became the basis of a national furniture store chain. For 14 years she was responsible for training, customer service and “guerrilla marketing.” After retiring in 2000, she went on to use her capabilities to coach other businesses. Her customers range from mom and pop stores to The Lowe’s Companies and The Home Depot. She is an award winning marketer and founder of Fabulous Floors Magazine, a consumer publication committed to the design industry.

For the past twenty years, Lisbeth has been helping businesses develop sales opportunities and build customer service strategies to increase their bottom line. Lisbeth’s training and speaking style is straight forward, enthusiastic and content packed with over thirty years of business experience. She is someone who can improve your bottom line, motivate your team to move out of their comfort zone and make them laugh. Lisbeth connects with her audience with real life stories and speaking directly from the heart.

Lisbeth’s books include 101+ Ways to Heat up Your Bottom Line,  Red Hot Customer Service, 50 Events to Drive Traffic to your Store and a motivational book: Birds Never get Caught in Fly Paper (50 things you can do to get unstuck in life.)  She is also a contributing author to Contagious Optimism, Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward thinking.

Lisbeth CalandrinoLisbeth Calandrino