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Prospect Awareness – Do they remember you?

So what is Prospect Awareness?

There are only a handful of business books that I constantly refer back to.
One of them is Jay Abraham’s classic book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.
In it, he talks about the power of staying in front of your most important, high-value prospective clients. Prospect Awareness is net yet apparent but it will be, read on.

Here’s a passage that sums up this marketing strategy perfectly: “The best way to continuously generate business is to keep constantly in the mind and awareness of your prospects and clients. If you think about the interests and needs and well-being of them, at a higher and more continuous level than anybody else, you’re going to be constantly on top of their awareness. So when the opportunity presents itself, these people are automatically predisposed to remembering YOU.”

The voice of reason

When somebody like Jay (who has done billions in sales) talks, it makes sense to listen and evaluate how you’re stacking up. But there’s obviously a problem here. Because after working with business owners over the last 10 years I know that very few have a system in place to effectively stay in front of your prospects like this.
I mean, think about this… and tell me if it sounds familiar:

You meet somebody at a conference or connect with somebody on a sales call, and they seem like they might be a fit, but maybe they’re just not quite ready to do business with you. If you’re like most business owners & Salespeople, you don’t have a system in place to continually stay in front of them. So when they are ready, they have long forgotten about you.

That is where FYC comes in.

Follow Your Customer prevents that from happening and promotes Prospect Awareness by staying in front your very best prospects, in a very classy and professional way; that adds value and that’s how you win. Learn How

We will organize, prioritize, and create professional follow up pieces that are branded for you and personalized for your potential clients! If you know a business or salesperson that understands the importance of follow up, but just does not have the time to do it,  Follow Your Customer can help because it’s our job to follow your customer.

By staying in front your very best prospects, in a very classy and professional way that adds value… that’s how you win the LONG TERM game. That’s the game that the most successful businesses are playing, and to WIN the long term game, you have to PLAY TODAY for the long term, and you have to develop the right relationships.

Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t expect short term wins with this system. Because this process actually generates quality appointments and leads very quickly, with the people who are ready sooner. And we do this by strategically inviting these prospects to business conversations, so that you will have a consistent flow of new prospects that you’re having appointments with, while at the same time, those who aren’t ready for that yet, you capture them with the follow up process. These people, they’re not just random because with Follow Your Customer, you’ll create a laser focused profile of who your ideal prospect is so you’re not wasting your time with duds. Follow Your Customer does all of that, and a lot more.

You get short term wins, while at the same time developing the kind of long term relationships with your very best clients, the kind that can change your business forever, and that’s not hype, it’s simply what our goal is, when you implement our system.

Are you ready to play?

Greg IncardonaProspect Awareness – Do they remember you?

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