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Thank You for Registering for Our Educational Series

Thanks for registering for our educational series about techniques to build
referrals and repeat business.  We call the series “Building Referrals and Repeat Business” and hope
you’ll soon have leads flowing to your door.  Tomorrow you will receive
the first of seven lessons designed to offer tips and techniques for building customer
relationships, referrals and more sales.  Here is a list of the information
you will receive:

  • Day 1 – Customer Loyalty 7 Techniques for Building a “Die Hard Customer Base
  • Day 7 – Why People Buy Learn the Secret to Getting in Their Heads
  • Day 14 – Timing is Everything, but Great Timing is What You Really Need
  • Day 21 – Referrals that Rule 7 Steps to Getting Referrals from Everyone you
  • Day 28 – The Chilling Reasons why Cold Calling Could Leave You Out in the Cold
  • Day 35 – The True Value of a Customer How to Gain and Keep Customers for Life
  • Day 60 – Top of Mind Awareness – Why “Out of Sight” Really Does Equal “Out of

We are happy to welcome you aboard and hope that this series is valuable to you.
If you have any comments or questions, I will be glad to discuss them with you.  Please feel free to contact me personally.
You can
call our toll-free number (1-877-FOLLOW2) or visit our “Contact” page.  Please make sure that
your email spam filter is set to allow email from to get
to your inbox.

Check your email for our confirmation letter and get ready to start receiving this
great 7-part series.



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